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Addressing Military Suicide at Its Key Source
Noone suggests that suicide among military personnel and veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including those among military personnel of other nations including Canada are not the result of complex factors and variables.

But what is the crux of the problem?

Studies as early as the 1970s found that certain Texas counties with high natural lithium levels in local water supplies had lower suicide, homicide and other violent crime levels than Texas counties with lower lithium levels. And recent research in other communities across the world have found higher blood lithium levels associated with lower suicide incidence and prevalence. Military personnel, though benefiting from the "healthy selectee" effect with respect to mental health, consume high levels of filtered water while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, placing them at increased risk of low mineral (specifically lithium) ingestion, and therefore suicide compared to peers with greater access to daily lithium ingestion from drinking water sourced from tap water, etc. from rivers, lakes, and ground water., and springs.

Reverse osmosis filtering systems are often used in urban and nonurban areas in Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. military to provide drinking water to U.S. troops. These systems extract minerals, including lithium, from the water. The minerals are not returned to the water once toxins and other disease-causing elements are separated.

Similar filtering systems were first used by beverage bottling companies throughout the world to manufacturer Coca Cola and other popular juices and soft drinks, which are often preferred by troops even to the filtered water and local water supplies.

The result: military personnel may have lithium levels among the lowest of the worlds' subpopulations, though it is possible (al beit an unlikely prospect) to compensate for the loss by increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits and other select high-lithium foods.

Our species evolved over two and a half million years relying on drinking water, principally from high-mineral basin areas in south Africa, rich in ore than 80 minerals, including lithium, an element with powerful anti-suicide properties. In fact, suicidal mental disorder patients are prescribed high levels of the salt. Modern technology enables us to conduct unwitting and dangerous experiments involving the dramatic reduction of this element from select subpopulations, some through migration from lithium-rich to lithium-poor environments, some through filtering and other methods. The outcomes not been not pretty.

"Military leaders seeking to reduce suicide among service personnel must approach the problem biologically. The reduction of lithium levels among personnel serving in these and other duty stations where drinking water provides inadequate mineral levels, especially lithium,  is a vitally important first step," hypothesizes James Hudson, medical researcher and publisher of

Hudson even suggests a solution: "Return the extracted lithium (and when health indicates, other minerals) depleted via filtering. An exception would be arsenic. High levels of arsenic are found in some waters, and should not be replenished, though lower levels don't present a problem.

Hudson's prediction: "This simple and natural solution will be  initially inaccurately portrayed as too expensive, and viewed unpopularly by the larger population who sadly are enamored with the idea of "pure" water."
"More popular and socially acceptable will be increased counseling in a sea of mentally ill denizens of the world, gun locks (a good idea as weapons effect young children, but rather ineffective with respect to adult suicide, adults being so clever), and pharmaceutical interventions that truly are expensive (the latest is a company selling the DOD a thyrotropin stimulating hormone nasal spray of all things).

But then, the U.S. War Department paid to set up more than 50 Coca Cola Bottling Plants near the front lines during World War II arguably kicking off the greatest sugar addiction (and now mineral depletion) in any population in the history of mankind, "said Hudson.

"There's one born every minute! Or is it every second?," He added.

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